HALIYA is a New York-based fashion brand collaborating with Indigenous women artisans in the Philippines that bridges ancestral techniques and contemporary design. Our mission is to promote Indigenous Filipino crafts while creating jobs and supporting the passing of traditions and techniques to the next generation. We aim to give respect and livelihood to the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) who have fought for centuries to preserve these traditions, while spreading awareness of Filipino cultures through a medium that speaks to all - clothing. Handcrafted and made-to-order, we believe in thoughtful consumption and in honoring the work of our maker's hands.

Named after the masked Bikolano warrior goddess of the moon and protector of women, HALIYA represents the strength and resilience of women and reconnecting to precolonial roots. As Filipinos, many of us have lost our ancestral cultures and languages through centuries of colonization. HALIYA was born out of our founder Stephanie Gancayco's desire to make sense of connecting to the Filipino culture she grew up in but realized she knew very little about. The brand builds upon Stephanie's decade in the fashion industry, with designs inspired by her Bay Area upbringing and love of anime, 90's R&B, dance, and of course, crafting.